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Case study #01


The Instagram account was an online clothing store. The profile header was not filled out correctly and the quality and descriptions of the photos did not attract the attention of clients. At the start, the profile had 1547 subscribers and the number of coverage was 55. The client’s sales were weak and the number of clients was not growing. Having studied the client’s target audience, we selected the necessary hashtags and, with the help of “smart” targeting and cooperation with influencers, managed to attract the audience. The number of subscribers doubled, coverage increased by 152%.

Engagement rate+430%

Case study #02

Miss Margret Schoen PhD

The client is doing eyelash extensions. It was important for her to emphasize her relevance as a specialist by increasing the number of subscribers and comments under posts. Using our methods of attracting an audience, we were able to quickly cope with the task and gain the required number of followers. Engagement also increased, as likes and comments increased by 400%.

Engagement rate+478%

Case study #03

Colt Ruecker DVM

Colt Ruecker DVM is a renowned school of photography. There are enough subscribers on the page, but the main problem is that they did not interact with the publications. Clients chose the PRO tariff, due to which activity on the page increased by 30%.

Engagement rate+77%

Case study #04

Letha Aufderhar

We were contacted by the owner of a beauty salon, which had only recently started operating. The account was completely new, so there was a serious task - to literally upgrade the page from scratch. By attracting subscribers who liked and commented on posts, we were able to increase engagement by more than 3 times. The account rose in the search results for relevant hashtags, and also began to look more presentable due to the high activity of followers.

Engagement rate+330%

Case study #05

Addison Will

Addison Will is in the coaching industry, and in this industry it is important to gain the trust of potential clients and maintain an active blog to stand out from the competition. We launched “smart” targeting for target audience, competitors and hashtags. Thanks to this method, we were able to attract more than 500 subscribers to the coaching blogger’s page who were interested in her services.

Engagement rate+97%

Case study #06

Lee Bednar

Our client is an astrologer who runs her blog on Instagram. She needed an active target audience. After studying the customer’s page, we advertised with bloggers. The number of subscribers increased by more than 4,000 people. Thanks to the activity of new followers, publications began to be included in recommendations and attract interested users.

Engagement rate+21%

Case study #07

Emmanuelle Mann

We were promoting the page of a travel blogger who needed to increase the number of followers and increase engagement on the page. Our specialists attracted traffic by ordering advertising from bloggers. The number of subscribers increased by almost 5,000 people, and activity on the page increased by 400%.

Engagement rate+305%

Case study #08

Braxton Dickens

The dance school needed to attract a target audience living in a specific region. Our marketers analyzed the client’s profile and found active influencers in the desired geolocation. After advertising with bloggers, more than 500 subscribers subscribed to the school’s account, some of whom also purchased subscriptions. The activity of a new audience helped propel the page to the top and contributed to organic growth.

Engagement rate+78%

Case study #09

Dr. Ines Lindgren

Beginner blogger Dr. Ines Lindgren asked us for help in promoting the page. It was necessary to increase awareness and increase coverage. We agreed to cooperate with influencers, thanks to which we were able to gain 1,500 followers. Publication coverage increased by 150% and engagement by 60%.

Engagement rate+60%

Case study #10

Joe O'Kon

The client is engaged in dropshipping. He wanted to increase sales at minimal cost, so he chose our LITE tariff. After just a month of working with the service, the number of active subscribers increased by 2,000 people, among whom more than 30% were target customers who purchased the product.

Engagement rate+48%

Case study #11


Our task was to increase the recognition of an Instagram store selling sports nutrition, as well as promote publications in recommendations. We advertised the store with fitness bloggers living in the desired region. Thanks to this, we were able to attract more than 2,000 potential clients who were interested in sports nutrition. The growth of subscribers had a positive impact on reach and engagement: posts and Reels began to reach the top more often.

Engagement rate+60%

Case study #12


Our client is the owner of an online store selling accessories for mobile phones. He wanted to increase the number of comments under posts to increase customer loyalty. We attracted more than 500 active subscribers, and the customer’s page immediately changed. Buyers saw that the store was in demand and trustworthy, and began to place orders there more often.

Engagement rate+55%

Case study #13


The perfume store @parfumcity_com had 10 thousand followers on Instagram. But despite this, coverage remained critically low. We analyzed the account and selected relevant hashtags. Due to this, posts began to be included in recommendations more often. “Smart” targeting by competitors and audience was also enabled. An integrated approach helped increase coverage by more than 70%.

Engagement rate+115%

Case study #14


The culinary blog @elmundoenrecetas developed rather slowly, despite the fact that the blogger spent a lot of time shooting quality content. Due to the fact that he had few subscribers, no one was buying advertising, so there was no talk of monetization. Our team quickly dealt with the problem. We connected with influencers promoting in the same niche, and thanks to this we attracted more than 6,000 new followers. Within 2 months, the client began to receive advertising offers from well-known brands of kitchen appliances.

Engagement rate+220%

Case study #15


The owner of an Instagram cosmetics store contacted us to help attract the target female audience. Our marketers studied the client’s page and agreed to cooperate with the best beauty bloggers in the country. In two weeks of intensive work, we managed to attract more than 300 new clients.

Engagement rate+120%

Case study #16

Franco Rossi

Our client is an aspiring blogger-pranker. He has a lot of followers, but his views, likes and comments are quite low. Our active subscribers were able to increase the number of likes on his publications by an average of 2 times. Also, a new audience actively viewed stories, sent reactions and attended live broadcasts. This helped boost the activity of “old” subscribers, and within a month the coverage increased by almost 150%.

Engagement rate+130%